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"Our Dispatch team will keep you rolling"

We are excited about your company joining Keep on Trucking Network. Our mission is simple to provide our OO with top quality service and good paying freight.


This agreement for download is not a lease on agreement it is a sub-contracting agreement. meaning that we get the freight and in turn we sub-contract our load out to our OO who are a part our Network.

As a sub-contractor you will be able to us our service as needed, when needed and still maintain your day to day operating. Once a contractor has agreed to move our freight for our customers and once it has been delivered, we issue payment the next day unless specially mention otherwise.

All Owners Operators must have their own authority MC number or DOT numbers and license & insured with a minimum of:


*  1 million General Liability

*  $100,000 Cargo 

*  List of equipment that they are going to use with us

*  Drivers information including a copy of the Driver Dl


* Signed & Dated Agreement




Certificate Of Insurance:

Thomas Enterprise 

P. O. Box 690162

Houston, Texas 77269

phone:  713-820-3048

Fax:        281-826-4891



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