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Some of our contractors have been with us for many years we have posted their comments on working with us.
"I started working with Thomas Enterprise in 2005. At the time I only had a Ford F-150 with a 18' flatbed trailer and they managed to keep me busy. The personnel are very pleasant to work with." 
Kenny Hartshel
"Thomas Enterprise is a very nice company to work for I have a fleet of 4 trucks and we keep rolling."
Derrick Coleman
"I was at first optimistic because I wasn't sure about the freight and how often they would use me but they're keeping me busy."
Robert Taylor
" I Started 4 years ago mostly hauled my own freight but, Thomas Enterprise is a real asset because whenever I need a back-haul they always come through for me." 
Luther Cameron
" No pressure Environment  love the atmosphere they have some very nice dispatchers."
Rick Dunn

"Our Dispatch team will keep you rolling"

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